10-year-old child dies, months after tear gas attack on home

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The inflammed eye of Ali Jaffar,
brought on by the cancer
According to Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, a 10-year-old Bahraini child has died, whilst seeking medical care for cancer of the eye, reportedly sustained from a tear gas attack on his home.

The home of the boy, Ali Jaffar Habib Ibrahim, came under heavy tear gassing in October 2012 during an attack on Malkiya Village, to the west of Bahrain. According to the family, the Grandfather of Ali Jaffar, died from a chest infection shortly after the incident occurred.

Two weeks after Ali Jaffar began to suffer from irritation in his eye and after seeking treatment both in Bahrain and abroad, the family learned that he had developed cancer in one of his eyes. After months of treatment, Ali Jaffar passed away as a result of the cancer last week on 8th August.

Ali Jaffar's Father explicitly blames the security authorities in Bahrain for the death of his child and his Father, according to Al Wefaq. The family has requested an investigation into the death, as well as the ingredients and side effects of the tear gas used in Bahrain.

Dozens of Bahrainis have died as a result of tear gas used by the security forces, who often blanket whole villages as a form of what the opposition has described as "collective punishment". A report by Physicians for Human Rights in August 2012, highlighted the "weaponizing of tear gas" in Bahrain and called on the immediate stopping of tear gas use in Bahrain.

More heavy use of tear gas is expected across Bahrain on August 14th by security forces hoping to repress democracy protesters.

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