General instructions and guidance released for 'cumulative action' by the Coalition of 14 February

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Ahead of the mass protests planned in Bahrain on the 14th August has been an air of confidentiality. That is until today where signs have aired about what to expect from protesters by the Coalition of 14th February. Although it is difficult to ascertain the specific organisers of the movement, notices have been published about the stances to be taken.

The Coalition has announced that timings of actions will be announced on the day, that it expects them to be peaceful and that they will continue after the 14th of August. It has also discouraged clashes with what it has called the 'Al Khalifa mercenaries'.

Here is what to expect:

General instructions and guidance released by the Coalition of 14 February:

1 -  Arm yourselves with prayer, and spend the night before 14th August reciting the Quran. We recommend performing the ‘prayer of distress’ entitled “please”.

2 – Ground work on the 14th of August will consist of cumulative action over a number of days so ensure you are ready after the 14th.

3 – We emphasize that participation in the peaceful movement is open to all segments and spectrum's of society and the leaders will work to achieve the greatest degree of protection for the masses taking part in the peaceful rebellion.

4 - The first step of civil disobedience will begin at 6:00 am, by descending in mass upon the squares of pride and dignity.

5 - The second step of civil disobedience will begin at 10:30am, as rebels descend on Bahrain cities and towns, and without exception, the Bahraini capital Manama.

6 - The third step of civil disobedience will begin at 3:00 pm. Rebel families camp on the ground in front of houses, without using any political slogan.

7 – We emphasize the importance of adhering to the third step because of its importance in the system of cumulative field work.

8 - We recommend avoiding clashes with the Al Khalifa enemy mercenaries, and not to be drawn towards direct confrontation, no matter how hard the Al Khalifa enemy attempts to drag the masses towards this end.

9 - The fields of rebellion will take place in the across Bahrain cities and towns, and in the centre of the capital Manama, and will be announced in time.

10 – We understand the big challenge concerning the hot weather which may affect action on the field, but we are counting, with the grace of God, on your perseverance and steadfastness on this revolutionary occasion and its impact on the progress of our glorious revolution.

11 – We urge cooperation with field commanders and to listen to their specific guidance in order to ensure the success of the historical movement at the highest levels.

12 – Do not dear the heavy deployment of mercenaries for the Khalifa enemy is weak. Record your victory by keeping homes completely empty and camping in front of homes in rebellion during the timing of the third step of rebellion.

13 – The Coalition will launch urgent appeals on the 14th of August and the following days and we hope that these can be disseminated as quickly as possible and to the largest segment of society. (We emphasize: these appeals and all official reports will be broadcasted on the Coalition’s official social networking account and on its twitter and anything else. Do not pay any consideration to anything else.

14 - Appeals to move towards the fields of rebellion will be issued in a timely manner and we hope that the crowds prepare themselves to persevere in the fields of rebellion for as long as possible.

15 – The disobedience program on August 15 is no less important than the rebellion program on August 14. This represents the reality of the cumulative work that will destroy the remaining prestige held by the illegitimate Al Khalifa enemy.

16 – The program for disobedience on August 16 will be a rally par excellence. It will serve as the peak of the rebellion storm.

17 – Rebel against fear, rebel against frustration, and be prepared for days of major rebellion. Trust that God is with you, that he is your certain victor.

18 - Conclusion: We recommend patience and persistence. Assemble your ranks, and aim your arrow of rebellion towards the Al Khalifa enemy and Saudi occupier only and no one else.

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