Lawyer arrested after tweeting about his clients torture

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The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports:
Blogger Mohamed Hassan (known on twitter as @Safybh) has reportedly been subjected to torture in detention. His lawyer, AbdulAziz Mosa informed BCHR that he was able to see marks of beatings on Hassan’s arm, and that Mohamed stated that he was beaten at the Criminal Investigation Department on his back and lower abdomen.  Hassan made this statement during the interrogation session at the public prosecution that started at approximately 2:30 am on the 7th of August and lasted for more than 3 hours. Hassan said that he was forced to confess under mental and physical coercing. Hassan was interrogated about his online activities, participation in seminars and forums outside Bahrain, and his contacts with media reporters who visit Bahrain.

Blogger Mohamed Hassan was arrested from his home at around 3am on 31 July 2013. He was held incommunicado for over three days with no access to family or lawyer. On 3 Aug he was transferred to the Dry Dock Prison.

14 hours after lawyer AbdulAziz Mosa (@AbdulAzizMoosa) tweeted about seeing the marks of beating on Mohamed Hassan, Mosa’s home was raided in the village of Muqshaa, he was arrested and his personal computer was also confiscated. The public prosecution stated that Abdulaziz will be detained for one week pending further investigation, and is charged with “the publication of defendant’s names without permission and the disclosing of investigation secrets”. It should be noted that the publishing of names and photos of defendants has been the norm for the Government of Bahrain, and no one has been held accountable for publishing or broadcasting names and photos of political prisoners before conviction on state media outlets. The government even went to the extent of broadcasting a confession taken under duress of a political prisoner on Bahrain state television after he was tortured to death.
For more on the arrest of Mohamed Hassan and 2 other citizen journalists, see this post.

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