Leading human rights defender Abdulhadi AlKhawaja speaks from behind bars

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Leading human rights defenders Abdulhadi AlKhwaja (left) and Nabeel Rajab (right). 
Both are currently prisoners of conscience.

Abdulhadi AlKhawaja is an internationally renowned human rights defender. In 2011, he was violently arrested from his home, severely tortured, and sentenced to life imprisonment before a military court. Despite international pressure calling for his immediate release, the sentence against him was upheld at appeal. This evening Abdulhadi delivered a message from Jaw Prison where he remains a prisoner of conscience. In it, he calls "for a peaceful Tamarrod on August 14th [...] under the banner of 'Right to Self determination'."

It was shared by Mohammed Al-Maskati (@MohdMaskati) from the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights. Mohammed notes that Abdulhadi passed the message to his family and he is relaying "an approximate translation". The message was shared via Twitter. We have edited it for clarity: 
I am a rebel prisoner therefore I support calls for a peaceful "Tamarod" (rebellion) on 14 Aug against tyranny and oppression, considering it as a movement which transcends political and religious affiliations lead by youth with human rights as the common ground under the banner of "Right to Self determination" which can be achieved via an elected national conference representative of all.

I salute the free people of the world as well as the Human Rights organisations and all the conscientious journalists for their support of real reform in Bahrain and their attempt at protecting the Bahraini peoples civil and political rights, specifically peoples right to gather peacefully and express their opinions.

I call on the powers and governments that support the Bahrain government - especially the US and UK - to take their historical responsibility for the violations the Bahrain regime is committing, given they are the ones who built up the regimes institutions and oppressive apparatus, and provide it with political support.

WE await what will happen on 14 Aug and what will follow. Real change WILL come, inevitably.

Nonviolence does not mean surrender, but is the optimal method to put pressure on and expose the Bahrain regime with the least amount of loss and sacrifice towards the path of achieving and preserving human rights.
                           - Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, Jaw Prison

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