This is a blog to document the events in Bahrain before, during and after the "Bahrain Tamarrod" protests on August 14th, 2013. The date is symbolic as it marks the day when Bahrain gained independence from the UK, however it is not celebrated by the Bahrain government.

The planned protests were first announced in early July. The idea for a day of mass action quickly gained supported from across the opposition. The government responded with a pre-emptive crackdown and the introduction of harsh new legislation. International and local human rights organisations have voiced grave concerns about this move towards further repression. Click here for more information on the background to August 14th.

This blog is being run on a voluntary basis by John Horne (@JohnHorneUK), Dominic Kavakeb (@DominicKavakeb), Ahmed Ali (@ahmedali_), and others. We are also working with local NGOs, like Bahrain Center for Human Rights, to obtain accurate information on human rights violations on the ground.

We hope to provide a central space where the current events in Bahrain can be collated on a daily basis. We will be running a live blog throughout August 14th.

If you would like to contact us for any further information, or to send us any relevant information or media, please email: Bahrain.August14[@]gmail.com

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