This page offers a selection of relevant sites on Bahrain, as well as Twitter accounts to follow for current news. The focus is on those who provide coverage in English.

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NGOs and other organisations:

Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR): An NGO founded in 2002 to promote human rights in Bahrain. It was banned by the government in 2004. The former and current Presidents - Abdulhadi AlKhawaja and Nabeel Rajab - are both prisoners of conscience. Acting President Maryam AlKhawaja runs BCHR in exile.
Website: | Twitter: @BahrainRights

Maryam AlKhawaja tweets at @MARYAMALKHAWAJA. Said Yousif Almufadha, Head of Monitoring, tweets at @SAIDYOUSIF and Advocacy Officer John Lubbock tweets at @jwsal

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR): An NGO founded in 2005 with a particular focus on encouraging young people to learn about human rights and report on violations. It has been refused a license by the government. The current President is Mohammed al-Maskati. One of its members, Naji Fateel, was arrested in May 2013 and subjected to torture. He is a current prisoner of conscience.
Website: | Twitter: @byshr | Mohammed al-Maskati: @MohdMaskati

Bahrain Watch: An research and advocacy organisation formed in 2012 to "promote effective, transparent and accountable governance in Bahrain".
Website: | Twitter: @BHWatch

Members on Twitter: Dr Ala'a Shehabi - @alaashehabi | Bill Marczak - @billmarczak | Fahad Desmukh - @chanadbh | Marc Owen Jones - @marcowenjones | John Horne - @JohnHorneUK | Reda Al-Fardan - @Ibnkan | Ahmed Ali - @ahmedali_ | Ali Abdulemam - @abdulemam

Bahrain Justice and Development Movement (BJDM): An organisation based in London and founded in July 2011 which works towards "political reform in Bahrain". The Political Campaigns Coordinator is Dominic Kavakeb.
Website: | Twitter: @Bahraindjm

Dominic Kavakeb tweets at: @DominicKavakeb

Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB): A US-based NGO formally founded in 2008 which works to foster "awareness of and support for democracy and human rights in Bahrain". The Director of ADHRB is Husain Abdulla.
Website: | Twitter: @ADHRB

European-Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights (EBOHR): A Swiss based NGO founded in 2012 to support and promote human rights in Bahrain. The Chairman is Hussain Jawad, whose father Mohammed Hassan Jawad is a leading human rights defender and current prisoner of conscience.
Website: | Twitter: @EBOHumanRights

Members on Twitter: Hussain Jawad - @HussainMJawad | Ahmed Al-Haddad - @AhmdHaddad | Fatima Al Halwachi - @tamtoomhalwachi | Asma Darwish - @eagertobefree | Gadear Ayed - @AlRevolution | Nariman Saidane - @narisaidane

Bahrain Press Association: An organisation founded by Bahraini journalists in July 2011 which "aims to defend Bahraini media workers".
Website: (offline) | Twitter: @BahrainPA

Members on Twitter: Nada Alwadi - @Bentalwadi | Adel Marzoog - @Adelmarzooq

Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Organisation (BRAVO): An NGO founded in 2012 which aims to end torture and "to support, without discrimination, those affected by torture, violence, and human rights violations". The Chairperson is Dr Nada Dhaif.
Website: | Twitter: @BRAVOBAHRAIN

Members on Twitter: Dr Nada Dhaif - @NadaDhaif | Jihan Kazerooni - @jihankazerooni

Opposition societies and groups:

See #4 on the FAQ here for more on the opposition, as well as this Wikipedia entry.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society: Website: (English) | Twitter: @AlWefaqEN (English)
Many Al Wefaq leaders and former MPs are on Twitter. Those who often tweet in English include: Matar Matar - @Matar_Matar | Ali Alaswad - @am_aswad | Jawad Fairooz - @JawadFairooz | Jalal Fairooz - @JalalFairooz | Abduljalil Khalil - @AJalilKhalil | Khalil Almarzooq - @KhalilAlmarzooq | Jasim Husain - @jasimhusain

National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad): Website: (English) | Twitter: @Waad_bh
Farida Ghulam, Wa'ad Central Committee Member and wife of Wa'ads imprisoned leader Ebrahim Sharif tweets at @Farida_Ghulam

February 14 Youth Coalition: Facebook page (Arabic) | Twitter: @Coalition14EN (English)

The Alliance for the Republic: Facebook page (Arabic) | Twitter: @Alta7aluf
Members on Twitter: Dr Saaed Al Shehabi, leader of Bahrain Freedom Movement - @SaeedShehabi

Government sites:

Bahrain News Agency: The official state media page. Website: (English) | Twitter: @bna_en (English)

Information Affairs Authority: Website: | Twitter: @IAA_Bahrain

Ministry of Interior: Website: (English) | Twitter: @moi_bahrain

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Website: | Twitter: @bahdiplomatic
Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid AlKhalifa often tweets in English at @khalidalkhalifa


Feb14 Media Network: An opposition media platform affiliated with the youth movement.
Website: | Twitter: @Feb14MediaEN (English)

Gulf Daily News: A pro-government English language newspaper

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